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Hi! Nice to meet you!  I'm Robin and what you're looking at here, Rhapsody in Blooms, is the culmination of decades of work in the floral and event industry.  I started my career rather accidentally: my mother decided she wanted to do weddings when I was about 19.  She did one by herself and decided it was WAY too much work, so she sent me and my very reluctant best friend to an evening floral design class (it was us and about 4 octogenarians). I'd always been a creative soul but a real passion started developing in those early classes: I loved the lines of flowers, I loved their colors, their fragrance, and the sheer creativity that nature allowed me to have.

Over the years I've been able to channel that passion to so many amazingly creative ventures: I was the lead designer at several very prestigious florists in Los Angeles; I planned and designed huge destination weddings for another well known company out of New York where I had the opportunity to design events in The Berkshires, The Hamptons, Napa, NYC, and LA; and now I'm here in the Deep South creating marvelous events of my own.

Creativity and the ability to make something beautiful with my own hands has been the driving force behind almost every aspect of my life. Not only do I adore flowers and plants, I also have a keen interest in historical costuming and fashion.  I make all kinds of beautiful, totally impractical clothes, I refinish furniture, and I love my family and animals fiercely.  As a person and as a company, we're collectively committed to doing the best we can for humanity and the environment.

Rhapsody in Blooms was born out of a desire to create beautiful things and craft extraordinary events all over the world.  I hope you'll reach out and tell us about your event; I'd love to hear about it.

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